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Scott Salisbury


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Goals... Find someone to sell to and then sell them that which I sale.

Professional Experience...

A person with knowledge that is unable to transfer her/his knowledge to the audience that might have interest, is akin to a fine bottle of wine sitting on the counter with no cork screw available.

To write that I have sold and continue to sell very complex IT solutions is meaningless. Good sales folks find ways to be found and ways to find interested parties.

IT sales, is not easy, yet not very difficult really. "The hard part is finding a project owner with permission to act on IT changes that improve the ROI."

The above sentence could be the name of a book.

"Accomplished IT sales person, with knowledge of how to use Social Business Presence."


I have the cork screw.

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Cloud Printing, Fax Over IP, Technology Sales Jobs,  "Own the group, own the message."

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